DC Direct Action Figure Captain Cold Variant (Gold Label) (The Flash) 18 cm
DC Direct Action Figure Captain Cold Variant (Gold Label) (The Flash) 18 cm
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Leader of the Rogues and one of the Flash\u0027s oldest enemies, Leonard Snart may be a criminal, but he\u0027s not without honor. In the annals of villainy, there are few bad guys as likable as Captain Cold. Seeing himself as a blue-collar, working man\u0027s super-villain, Cold has a code of honor, one that prevents him from killing innocent people...though he\u0027s more than happy to rob them blind. Armed with a sophisticated cold gun, Leonard Snart has been tangling with the Flash since his earliest days. The self-appointed leader of the Rogues, a loose band of criminals united in their hatred of the Scarlet Speedster, Captain Cold has consistently pitted his \"absolute zero\" against the Flash\u0027s super-speed. Although a largely unrepentant criminal who loves nothing more than a successful heist, Cold\u0027s noble side can be appealed to, and he\u0027s helped the good guys on more than one occasion. But whatever you do, don\u0027t confuse him with Batman baddie Mr. Freeze. He really hates that.\n\nFeatures:\n\n- Incredibly detailed 7\" scale metallic painted figure based off the DC Multiverse\t\n- Figure includes collectible comic featuring what the figure is based on, as well as a collectible art card with figure photography on the front, and character biography on the back\t\n- Designed with Ultra Articulation with up to 22 moving parts for full range of posing and play\t\n- Captain Cold comes with Freeze Ray, base, and a Flash comic\t\n- Captain Cold is featured in a metallic suit based on his look from The Flash Comic\t\n\nCollect all McFarlane Toys Page Punchers
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