Dungeons & Dragons Statue Tiamat Deluxe Version 71 cm
Dungeons & Dragons Statue Tiamat Deluxe Version 71 cm
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Sideshow and Premium Collectibles Studio present the Tiamat Deluxe Statue, an incredible Dungeons & Dragons collectible for only the bravest of adventurers! Use Tiamat in your next collection encounter with the statue stat block below: HEIGHT POINTS: 28" WIDTH: 31" DEPTH: 37.5" ALIGNMENT: Chaotic Evil SKILLS: Intimidation 17, Dust Resistance 10, Attention-Getting 26 LAIR EFFECTS: Protective of her hoard, the Dragonqueen has taken residence in the Well of Dragons. Brimming with lava pools and craggy rock growths, her lair base measures 15" wide and 16" deep. ATTACKS: Tiamat can make multiple attacks when she takes her action, using her natural weapons. The great dragon possesses deadly clawed feet, a spiny tail, and a pair of massive red wings extended for maximum reach over her domain. Each wing is tipped with another claw and features scarring, veins, and scales that show the age and resilience of the draconic goddess. LEGENDARY ACTIONS: Tiamat's legendary actions are associated with her five chromatic dragon heads, fiercely sculpted to capture each unique color's strengths and abilities. Each features a snarling mouth full of fangs, detailed scales and horns, and piercing eyes ready to strike fear into the hearts of would-be heroes. DELUXE RADIANCE: In her Deluxe form, the Tiamat Statue includes a light-up feature that illuminates the open maw of each dragon head. The color of the light indicates the breath weapon of the corresponding dragon type. BLACK DRAGON HEAD: This corrosive dragon is known for its acid breath weapon. GREEN DRAGON HEAD: This noxious dragon is known for its poison breath weapon. RED DRAGON HEAD: This scalding dragon is known for its fire breath weapon. BLUE DRAGON HEAD: This shocking dragon is known for its lightning breath weapon. WHITE DRAGON HEAD: This frigid dragon is known for its cold breath weapon. DOMINATING PRESENCE: Whether Tiamat is on a shelf or your gaming table, all creatures within 30 feet of the Prime Evil must make a wisdom saving throw or be transfixed by the sheer might and size of this statue. Creatures affected in this manner may move closer to examine the meticulous paintwork and texturing on the gargantuan fiend and may find themselves covetous of this must-have fantasy collectible. Every epic campaign needs an unforgettable final boss battle! Complete the ritual and summon the Tiamat Deluxe Statue by Premium Collectibles Studio for your D&D collection today. Product Size: 71 x 78 x 93 cm Please note: Due to the size of this item, additional shipping costs may apply. Apart from your location, the actual package size and weight is needed to determine those costs. Both are unknown at this point and may not be available until the product arrives in our warehouse.