Predators Statue Berserker Predator Deluxe Bonus Version 100 cm
Predators Statue Berserker Predator Deluxe Bonus Version 100 cm
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Prime 1 Studio is proud to present our next entry to the Predators grand family, joining the Museum Masterline Series, enter the 1/3 Scale MMPR-03DXS: Berserker Predator Deluxe Bonus Version from the 2010's film Predators Predator, also known as Yautja, is a species of ruthless but ultimately honorable race of intergalactic bloodthirsty hunters that are bound by their own moral code. Berserker Predator, however, is one who feels no need to adhere to such code. The Berserker was a Yautja Super Predator and the clan leader of a trio of Super Predators like himself. They brought their prey to the otherworldly Game Preserve Planet for the thrill of hunting. Not only did they hunt to collect trophies and for sport, this decrepit gang of deathmongers also tortured their prey psychologically. Standing at a whopping 39 inches, the talented artists at Prime 1 Studio have worked hard to make that murderous mastermind look amazing in polystone form. From the large domed breathing mask alone, you already know he means business because of the protruding bony jaw and teeth at the bottom. You can expand your storytelling with a swappable head part, showing his true face, baring his mightiest, most hideous, and ghastliest grimace. You could spend hours upon hours just taking in all the intricate detailing on the head tendrils, spikes, scaly skins and sparse armor this cunning hunter possesses. And what would a predator be without his impressive array of ranged and wristblade. With closed fists, the Yautja is armed with his wristblade extended on his right arm. LEDs are equipped in the helmet-mounted Targeting Laser, the left arm's wrist control panel gauntlet, and the plasmacaster over the shoulder. A headstand is also included for you to display the additional head. The Deluxe Version allows you to display your statue in several more ways with the inclusion of the swappable right arm with an open palm. A third right hand holding a bloody human spine is also included, with a wristblade retracted. A second left hand with an open palm and LED Illumination on the mask's eye slot and the shoulder-mounted plasmacaster. An additional stand allows you to display a ferocious Yautja skull. And when you order the Deluxe Bonus version from our official store or any authorized distributor, you will receive an extra bonus part: a shattered predator bio-mask lays at the Berserker's feet. This frightening final boss stands surrounded by the detritus of his exploits. There are skulls aplenty of human, primate and even Yautja craniums. Literally a killing field on this Game Preserve Planet. A black and crimson nameplate also displays the Predators movie emblem. If you have a predator collection or have been wanting to start one, there is no better one to pre-order than this amazing piece. Hurry while it still is available! Limited only to 300pcs will be produced of this Deluxe Bonus Version so if you'd like to get your hands on this, now is the time to do it! Product Specifications: - Statue Size approximately 39 inches tall [H:100cm W:72cm D:70cm] - Game Preserve Planet killing field themed-base - Two (2) Swappable Heads - Three (3) Swappable right hand parts - One (2) Swappable Wristblade Positions (Retracted or Extended) - Two (2) Swappable left hand parts - Two (2) Swappable Shoulder-Mounted Plasmacaster (Activated or Closed) - One (1) movable Headstand - One (1) movable Skull Headstand - Two (2) Title Plaques - Wrist Control Panel with Hinged Cover - LED illumination on Eye Helmet, Helmet-Mounted Targeting Laser, Wrist Control Panel & Shoulder-Mounted Plasmacaster - One (1) movable Damaged Bio-Mask [BONUS PART] Please note: Due to the size of this item, additional shipping costs may apply. Apart from your location, the actual package size and weight is needed to determine those costs. Both are unknown at this point and may not be available until the product arrives in our warehouse.
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