The Little Mermaid Master Craft Statue Ursula 41 cm
The Little Mermaid Master Craft Statue Ursula 41 cm
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The villainous Sea Witch Ursula was the main protagonist in the classic Disney animated movie The Little Mermaid. Offering the mermaid Ariel a chance to become human, Ursula\u0027s real intentions was to become the true ruler of all the oceans. \nA plump witch, with octopus tentacles, and a larger than life personality, viewers were treated to a wonderfully evil character that would stop at nothing to achieve her goal of dominating the seven seas! \n\nBeast Kingdom\u0027s Entertainment Experience Brand is once again proud to introduce the latest in high-end statues with the release of the Master Craft MC-029 Ursula. What better way to celebrate the extraordinarily memorable villain than with a highly detailed, hand crafted and painted statue. \nA fabulously wicked smile and the infamous black dress and tentacles, Ursula is seen here surrounded by her anguilla minions \u0027Flotsam\u0027 and \u0027Jetsam\u0027. Standing on her very own podium, with an exclusive, numbered plaque, Ursula is also holding the King\u0027s Trident, as well as sporting a removable, magnetic tiara for customization. \nTo all fans of The Little Mermaid, and the villainous Ursula, this is one statue that is not to be missed.\n\nProduct Size: 41 cm

Wow, mega sej statue af den lede Ursula fra Den Lille Havfrue.

Hun er omringet at hendes to håndelangere, nemlig ålene Bundslam og Skidtslam.

Hendes krone er magnetisk.

Hun måler imponerende 41 cm.


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